Riel Included In Plans For Metis War Vets Cairn

Monday, November 16, 2009 at 14:53



Representatives of the Metis Nation – Saskatchewan have voted to build a monument to war veterans — including Louis Riel.


The motion to build the monument was made by Lennard Morin, the MNS minister of elders and veterans affairs.


Morin announced the idea during the Metis Nation Annual General Assembly in Saskatoon on Sunday.


He has proposed that a cairn or monument be built at Batoche, and be unveiled at next year’s Back to Batoche Days festival.


Morin says since 2010 is the official Year of the Metis in Saskatchewan, next year would be the perfect time to unveil the monument.


Morin’s motion also called on the Provincial Metis Council to find the money for the monument.