Review Of Northern Municipalities Act Almost Done

Monday, November 10, 2008 at 14:19



A government official says a review of the Northern Municipalities Act is pretty much complete.


Communications director Jeff Welke says the province will now host an informational meeting about proposed changes to the act on November 20th.


Welke says they will look at a number of recommendations on how to improve things like taxation and governance.


He notes the Metis Nation – Saskatchewan is also welcome to come to the meeting to voice its concerns.


An official from the MN-S recently stated the Metis wanted to see if changes could be made to ensure they would always be assured a voice in the local governments of historical Metis communities.


Welke says he’s not sure if that particular point is being considered, but more information should be available at the meeting.


He says cabinet will look at the recommendations and see which ones can be immediately adopted and what proposals need further refinement.


The meeting will take place in Saskatoon.