Public Told To Expect More Forestry Company Audits

Wednesday, December 14, 2005 at 14:44



This week’s public release of an audit done on Mistik Management is something citizens can expect to see more of, according to an official with the provincial government.


Saskatchewan Environment spokesman Al Willcocks says his branch learned a lot about Mistik’s practices from the KPMG review, and he’s happy the information is being shared.


Willcocks explains that each forestry company is required to undergo audits every five years by an outside group — and in Mistik’s case, it was simply following orders.


Willcocks says companies need to learn from their mistakes and that’s why the government expects regular audits.


He says it’s better for little mistakes to be revealed now than have big ones pop up later.


Audits are a new requirement under recently-passed provincial legislation.