Province Reviewing FFMC Monopoly Of Fish

Wednesday, November 23, 2005 at 14:36



Commercial fishers are hoping an interdepartmental review of their industry by the provincial government will help open up new markets for their fish.


The fishers have been looking for expanded markets for their staple species and new markets for underutilized species.


They also want the option to handle their own marketing and sale of fish.


That’s currently the Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation’s domain — a monopoly that fishers have long complained about.


Under current law, the only way fishers can be given the freedom to sell elsewhere is to have the Saskatchewan government approach the federal government on their behalf — at which point, a decision is made.


FFMC spokesman Stephen Kendall says fishers are free to try to make this happen, but he doesn’t see how the fishers can expect to get a better return for their fish on their own.


A provincial government working group is currently drafting a report containing a set of recommendations concerning the commercial fishing industry.


The report is expected to deal with the fishers’ relationship with the FFMC, among other issues.


However, it’s not clear when those recommendations will be shared with the fishers.