Police Questioned At Sahpassum Inquest

Tuesday, November 08, 2005 at 13:54



The lawyer for the family of a deceased Aboriginal woman is questioning police how they treated her before she died.


Linda Sahpassum was taken to Prince Albert’s Victoria Hospital on August 2nd of last year, complaining of sore legs and dizziness.


One of the arresting officers, Constable Craig Mushka, testified the woman was leaning against the hospital when they picked her up for intoxication, and needed help getting inside the cruiser.


However, lawyer Kris Eggum asked why neither Mushka nor his partner assisted Sahpassum in getting out of the car at the police station.


The officer had earlier stated that when Sahpassum got out of the cruiser, she staggered left, then right, then fell back, hitting her head on the concrete.


Mushka says they were too far away to have caught her.


Eggum is asking why that was.


More testimony is being heard today.