Paving Of Reserve Road Criticized

Tuesday, October 25, 2005 at 15:32



A resident of the Waterhen Lake First Nation is not a big fan of a recent paving project on his reserve.


The provincial government spent $170,000 to pave two kilometres of the Waterhen Access Road.


However, Lloyd Patrick Fiddler says the paving should have taken place on the south side of the reserve, where mud in the spring and fall makes driving treacherous.


Fiddler says even gravel would be a vast improvement to what drivers have to endure now. He notes a local school bus operator has twice cancelled his run this year because of unsafe conditions on that road.


During a recent ribbon-cutting for the newly-paved section, then-Highways Minister Maynard Sonntag indicated that stretch of road was chosen because of safety concerns created by excessive dust.