Pauchay Granted Sentencing Circle

Wednesday, January 07, 2009 at 15:17



A man from the Yellow Quill First Nation implicated in the freezing deaths of his young girls last year will face an Aboriginal sentencing circle.


A judge today granted a request by Christopher Pauchay’s lawyers to allow the Aboriginal community to determine his punishment.


The Crown was opposed to the idea — calling it inappropriate for such a serious crime.


Pauchay had been drinking when he took his girls out in a blizzard.


He pleaded guilty to criminal negligence causing death in November.


The date for the sentencing circle will be determined during court proceedings on January 27th in Melfort.


The judge has determined the sentencing circle will be held in Rose Valley and will be open to the public, contrary to the wishes of the Yellow Quill First Nation.


The judge also gets the final say on what Pauchay’s sentence will be, after hearing recommendations that come out of the sentencing circle.


(with files from The Canadian Press)