Northern Search Team Regrouping

Wednesday, July 21, 2004 at 14:53



The search for a missing five year-old Regina girl is well into its second week now. But volunteer search-and-secure teams from the Montreal Lake Cree Nation say they’re not giving up hope she will be found. Darrell Naytowhow and his crew are back in Montreal Lake today after spending six days in Regina trying to help locate little Tamra Keepness. Naytowhow says right now they’re just trying to refresh themselves and gear up for another trek down in a couple of days. He adds searching for a missing-child in Regina, is a much different process than the one they¹re used to. He notes that the city of Regina contains hundreds of potential clues everywhere you look  and that’s something that is much different than searching for a missing person in the bush up north. Naytowhow adds other searchers from Hall Lake and La Ronge have also been helping in the effort. He¹s just waiting for word from the Regina Police Department when they should head back down there.