Northern Mayor Tired Of Waiting For New Road

Tuesday, April 08, 2008 at 15:35



The mayor of Cumberland House says he would like to see a little more action from the provincial government when it comes to upgrading the local highway.


Andy McKay says heavy rains, floods and erosion have played havoc on Highway 123, which was constructed over 40 years ago.


McKay says he met with the highways department in November of 2006, where he was told the highway would receive a multi-million-dollar upgrade.


However, he contends that seems to have changed after the recent provincial election.


He says he has was recently informed by a government official that the road won’t see any significant changes for the next two years.


McKay says the new government needs to do better.


He says he has heard that Highways Minister Wayne Elhard wants to focus on road links that bring economic activity to regions.


McKay says he has a hard time understanding how his community is supposed to thrive economically when tourists can’t get there.