Northern Mayor Challenges Province To Do More

Tuesday, April 22, 2008 at 15:08



The mayor of Buffalo Narrows says he’s not satisfied with the provincial government’s recent offer of $9 million more for municipal funding.


Bobby Woods says northern communities need more money from the province for infrastructure concerns like sewer and water.


This week, the Saskatchewan government told the province’s three major municipal lobby groups that it wants to raise the percentage of money they can receive under the spring budget.


However, Woods says the seven per cent hike barely scratches the surface.


He notes communities are growing while resource development is booming.


Woods says communities like Buffalo Narrows are growing so fast they don’t even have money to service new lots.


He says the government must consider what is actually fair for northern communities.


Woods wonders how the government can justify the amount of resources it is taking out of the North with the funding it is putting back in.