North Battleford Hiring More Native Civic Workers

Thursday, March 19, 2009 at 13:57



Efforts by North Battleford city hall to hire more Aboriginal people have been a great success, according to a city official.


Human Resources Director Susan Degenstein says the number of Aboriginal city hall employees has grown by a third in the past five years.


In a report to city council, Degenstein says six Aboriginal people were working full-time in city hall when the program began in 2004.


Since signing a deal with First Nations and Metis Relations, the city has hired 18 full-time Aboriginal workers. Nine are still on staff.


Many are hired in the sewer and water utility.


Degenstein says training Aboriginal people, especially for waterworks jobs, has really paid off.


According to Degenstein, five to 10 Aboriginal people are hired each year as seasonal workers or summer students.


However, she stresses the city hires the best person for the job in each case.