New Funding For Oil Sands Job Placement Project

Friday, March 16, 2007 at 14:14



The federal and provincial governments are renewing funding for an initiative that has been linking northerners to job opportunities in Alberta’s oil sands over the last two years.


As of December 31st, the Job Horizons program had placed 246 northern residents in oil sands sector jobs.


The original goal was to have between 160 and 200 job placements by the end of this month.


The two levels of government are contributing a total of $135,000 to the project.


The initiative uses a database to match northerners with the appropriate skill sets to new jobs, and brings matches to the attention of human resource managers.


Government representatives say oil sands employers are indicating the program has made their operations more productive, especially in light of the shortage of workers with industrial and trades skills.