New Chief Elected In Cumberland House

Thursday, March 31, 2005 at 13:23



There was a close finish in the voting for chief in Cumberland House yesterday.


But, in the end, Walter Sewap was named the new chief after narrowly edging out incumbent Peter Laliberte.


Sewap finished with 155 votes — Laliberte had 150.


The other candidate in the race for chief, Pierre Settee, received 89 votes.


Sewap has served as the band’s chief before, from 1999 to 2001.


He was the man that ended Settee’s 18-year run as chief in 1999, before being beaten by Settee in the 2001 band election.


Laliberte was voted to power in 2003.


As far as the Cumberland House band council is concerned, there is a different look there, as well.


22-year-old newcomer Lauren Stewart received the most votes, and for that reason, has been named the band’s vice-chief.


He’s joined on council by fellow newcomer Angus McKenzie and incumbents Raymond Chaboyer and Eric Laliberte.


The new chief and council in Cumberland House will serve a two-year term in office.