NDP Slammed For Not Funding All-Weather Roads

Wednesday, November 24, 2004 at 14:50



The chair of the Athabasca Economic Development and Training Corporation says he can’t understand why the provincial government is so reluctant to kick-start construction of an all-weather road network.


Glen Strong says his group recently sent a letter to Premier Lorne Calvert and Highways Minister Mark Wartman asking them to consider using some of the government’s recently-announced surplus towards the road.


However, just a few days ago, Finance Minister Harry Van Mulligen said the government would be waiting until next year before considering a funding proposal.


Strong says that doesn’t make sense, in light of past commitments by the NDP regarding the road and the government’s 900-million-dollar windfall.


He says he would even be satisfied with a funding commitment with a condition attached that Ottawa put in its fair share of the construction cost.


However, Strong says both residents and businesses are missing out by the NDP’s failure to act.


Strong thinks Buckley Belanger and Joan Beatty have done their part to lobby their cabinet colleagues over the matter.


He says he’ll keep pressing the government for answers, but is doubtful provincial politicians will put their money where their month is.