Native Housing Symposium Draws Good Reviews

Monday, September 27, 2004 at 14:21



The leader of the Agency Chiefs Tribal Council says he thinks his group is making good progress in the struggle to create better housing for First Nations residents.


Lyle Whitefish was one of a handful of northern leaders who attended a housing symposium in Saskatoon last week.


He says the event provided a good chance for his council to show off its line of pre-fabricated homes that it has designed for reserves.


The buildings are mould-resistant and can be shipped virtually anywhere.


Whitefish says bands from other provinces have inquired about their pre-fabricated homes, as well.


Whitefish says he listened intently to all of the speakers present at the conference, many of whom pitched new ideas on how to create economic activity for prairie bands.


He says he’ll take all of it into consideration.