Nashacappo’s Mom Hears Suspect’s Taped Confession

Tuesday, January 13, 2009 at 15:26



The mother of a murder victim calls the details of her daughter’s death “shocking” and “unbelievable”.


Betty Anne Smith is at a Saskatoon courthouse every day for the trial of 59-year-old Brian Casement, who is charged with the first degree murder of her daughter, Victoria Nashacappo.


Nashacappo was 21 when she disappeared more than six years ago.


Nearly four years later, Casement allegedly led police to her body.


He was the target of an elaborate undercover RCMP investigation in British Columbia, where he thought he was part of a criminal gang.


Yesterday, the jury saw video of him describing how he killed a Native girl from Saskatoon named Victoria.


He says he paid for sex and she didn’t want to, so he raped and killed her and then threw her naked body into the basement of a demolished house.


Smith held an eagle feather throughout the video and sometimes cried.


Smith says listening to the details of how her daughter died is hard, but she needs to be there.


In the video, Casement says he thought Nashacappo was around 18 years old and in Grade 11.


This is the second week of the trial, which is scheduled to go for at least three weeks.