Mountie Caught Using Cruiser For Political Purpose

Tuesday, October 07, 2008 at 15:35



The RCMP are investigating why an off-duty RCMP officer was dropping off political campaign signs at Conservative Party candidate Rob Clarke’s campaign office in La Ronge yesterday.


Bill Layman saw the incident when he drove by.


He says he was questioning what he saw, until he phoned the campaign office to confirm that it was indeed an RCMP officer using his cruiser.


RCMP spokesperson Sergeant Carole Raymond says the male officer is from the Southend detachment.


She says he was off-duty at the time, and would have been given the authority to use his work vehicle for off-duty purposes.


However, Raymond admits the incident does not make the RCMP look good.


Raymond adds that while the RCMP does support the electoral process, the force is not behind any political party or candidate.