MNS Constitution Requirements Could Stop New Vote

Monday, November 21, 2005 at 15:20



A policy analyst with the provincial government says a large volume of support will be needed within Metis circles to call a new Metis Nation of Saskatchewan election.


Earlier this month, the government announced it would fund a new vote, but only under strict conditions.


One of those is a stipulation that a Metis Nation Legislative Assembly and annual general meeting have to take place before a new vote is called.


James Froh of the Department of First Nations and Metis Relations says according to his understanding of the MNS Constitution, 75 per cent of people attending the MNLA will have to agree to a new election and come up with a date.


After that, the date must be agreed to by at least 75 per cent of Metis attending the AGM.


The government says it may finance the MNLA, but nothing is entirely certain yet.


Meanwhile, the deputy minister of First Nations and Metis Relations, Nora Sanders, says she hopes to work out the nuts and bolts of how a new vote is to happen at a meeting later this month.


Sanders plans to sit down with members of the Provincial Metis Council and other interested parties to determine what’s needed to make things happen.


She says questions about who will be allowed to attend the MNLA and other matters should be answered after the meeting.


Saunders says the government is prepared to pay for a new election, but won’t say how much they will provide.