MNC Controversy At Risk Of Erupting Again

Thursday, September 20, 2007 at 15:14



Even though an Ontario court is allowing an election at the Metis National Council to proceed — it might only be a short-term fix in the organization’s bitter leadership dispute.


Ousted MNC president Clem Chartier notes both sides agreed to a series of conditions listed in a consent order issued by the court this week.


That includes a provision that stipulates that “elected provincial voting delegates” will be doing the voting on October 13th.


Chartier says the four provincial Metis leaders that threw him out of office agreed to that wording — but he admits it’s open to interpretation.


He says that’s the wording used in MNC bylaws, and he hopes his political rivals act in “good faith” by sending delegates that have been elected to positions in their respective jurisdictions.


Delegate selection has been a contentious issue over the past few weeks.


Chartier is concerned that some provincial presidents might handpick delegates to guarantee they won’t vote for him in the election.


Metis Nation of Saskatchewan President Robert Doucette says Chartier practiced the policy of choosing delegates during his time as MNS president — a charge Chartier strongly denies.