Ministers Discussing Plight Of Aboriginal Women

Wednesday, April 08, 2009 at 14:57



The province’s minister responsible for the Status of Women says the government needs to focus on education if Aboriginal women are to be successful.


Rob Norris is in Winnipeg attending a provincial-territorial-federal meeting about issues pertaining to women, and some specifically to Aboriginal women.


Norris points to a study done by a University of Saskatchewan professor that found an Aboriginal woman living in this province who doesn’t have her Grade 12 education will make less than $100,000 in her lifetime.


Norris says violence against women, as well as those who are missing and murdered, are also main topics of discussion.


He says there has been talk of ensuring women have easy access to shelters, and that the judicial system take matters of violence very seriously.


Next week, Norris is visiting northern Saskatchewan to talk about programming, but he also hopes to hear from women about what more the government can do to help.