Millions Pumped Into Aboriginal Affordable Housing

Thursday, August 16, 2007 at 14:57



The provincial government and the City of Saskatoon have unveiled $3.6 million in Aboriginal affordable housing projects.


The initiative involves the purchase and renovation of two three-story apartment buildings located in “mature neighbourhoods” in the city.


One is situated in Mount Royal, the other is in Confederation Park.


Both levels of government say they will eventually provide 70 Aboriginal families and individuals with quality rental accommodation.


The suites in the buildings in question will include 36 two-bedroom units and six three-bedroom units, and will be managed by Sasknative Rentals Inc.


Meanwhile, a Metis affordable rental accommodation project in the core Saskatoon neighbourhood of Caswell was opened today.


La Maison Mamawe-Atosketak is a three-storey, low-rise apartment building featuring 12 units.


The renovated suites will be rented to Saskatoon Metis families and individuals in need of affordable housing – six of the units will be rented to families who would be otherwise homeless.


The city and the province provided a combined $102,500 to refurbish the building.