Metis Lack Resources To Speak On Nuclear Safety

Friday, November 06, 2009 at 12:18



The Metis Nation – Saskatchewan says it doesn’t have enough resources to do an adquate job of representing its people at public hearings on nuclear safety.


It also says it’s not being properly consulted under the framework for the duty to consult.


The MN-S made a presentation yesterday at a Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission hearing in Saskatoon, where Cameco was applying to renew its operating license for the Beaverlodge mine.


MN-S legal counsel Doug Racine says the CNSC needs to make sure Aboriginal groups such as the MNS have enough resources to come prepared to such hearings.


“If the CNSC truly values Indigenous knowledge and Aboriginal participation, like they say they do… then the CNSC needs to ensure… not only that Cameco is properly funded, but the keepers of the Indigenous knowledge are adequately funded to be able to provide a timely and knowledgeable assessment of the various reports,” Racine says.


He notes there are hundreds, if not thousands, of documents to go through in advance of a hearing.


The MN-S notes it has a good relationship with Cameco, and says it isn’t Cameco’s responsibility to fulfill the Crown’s duty to consult.


The MN-S sees Canada Eldor Inc. as the representative of the Crown in this case.