Merasty, Prentice Spar Over Day Of Protest

Tuesday, June 05, 2007 at 14:13



Desnethe-Missinippi-Churchill River MP Gary Merasty had a spirited exchange with Indian Affairs Minister Jim Prentice in the House of Commons yesterday.


Merasty stated that Aboriginal anger in the country is justified because of the Tories’ inaction on First Nations issues and their poor record on human rights.


Merasty also called on Jim Prentice to stop threatening First Nations with his “childish behaviour” .


Merasty asked Prentice to explain why the government is providing funding for First Nations only until the end of June — noting a planned First Nations national day of action is scheduled to take place on June 29th.


Prentice responded by saying: “. . . no one has threatened anyone. We simply pointed out that we respect the law. We expect that people will respect the law on June 29th.”


Prentice also stated that it was the previous Liberal government that did “absolultely nothing” with 800 outstanding land claims in this country in its 13 years in power.


Prentice said the Liberals’ record is the reason Aboriginal people are frustrated, adding Merasty “should look in the mirror” if he wants to find out who is responsible.


Merasty is calling for peaceful protests on June 29th.