Marginalization Of Native Women Focus Of Exhibit

Thursday, May 10, 2007 at 14:24



A collection of photographs depicting the marginalization of Indigenous women will be unveiled Sunday night in Prince Albert.


Inspired by the Amnesty International report “Stolen Sisters”, the pictures were taken by grassroots women living in Prince Albert who wanted to illustrate scenes they feel marginalize First Nations and Metis women.


Project coordinator Bridget Krieg says she hopes the show helps change how mainstream society tends to treat Native women, because it’s having a negative impact on how these women interact with their community.


Krieg says many Indigenous women in the city complain they’re often pegged as being something that they’re not.


She notes some of them even feel uncomfortable waiting at intersections on Central Avenue because drivers occasionally stop their cars and start propositioning them, assuming they’re prostitutes.


Krieg says Aboriginal women are also fearful of dropping off needles at the fire hall for fear they’ll be labelled as users.


The photographs will be shown Sunday night at Shananigans coffee bar at 7:00.


They will then be shown in city hall the following week.