Lorje Hopes To Ease Job Fears In Native Community

Friday, August 18, 2006 at 14:07



A former NDP MLA believes there are enough jobs in this province for both Aboriginal people and immigrants, despite misgivings from some Native leaders.


Pat Lorje wrote a report on the issue of immigration for the provincial government back in 2003.


Lorje says even though she understands why Aboriginal leaders have some apprehension about strategies to increase immigration to Saskatchewan, she also believes their fears are unfounded.


Lorje says even if First Nations and Metis education and training in this province increase to an acceptable level, it still won’t be enough to offset the number of people leaving the workforce.


Lorje says she would really like to see the Aboriginals and non-Aboriginals actively dialogue about this issue, and believes an open discussion would alleviate many concerns about the subject.