Less Than A Quarter Of CEP Applications Processed

Friday, November 23, 2007 at 14:33



A committee that helps administer the compensation process for residential school survivors says just under 24 per cent of them have received their cheques so far.


The National Administration Committee says, as of Tuesday, 18,000 applicants for common experience payments had been paid.


Another 58,000 survivors are still waiting for their claims to go through.


Regina lawyer Tony Merchant sits on the committee, and says the government has received about twice as many applications as it expected at this stage.


He also says the committee has proposed a number of ways to speed up the process, including a renewed emphasis on settling the claims of elderly survivors quickly.


As well, Merchant says survivors who have already received payments will soon be getting a letter explaining how their amount was calculated.


According to figures presented to the courts by the committee this week, survivors have received an average payout of about $20,000 — $8,000 less than what was anticipated.


Merchant says those who feel they’re entitled to more money can appeal.