Late Metis Leader Remembered for Activism

Wednesday, September 08, 2004 at 13:29



The Metis Nation is mourning the passing of a life-long defender of Metis rights.


Harry W. Daniels passed away on Monday at the age of 63.


Metis National Council president Clem Chartier says Daniels was one of the great Metis leaders of our time.


Chartier says Daniels will be remembered for playing a leading role in negotiating the inclusion of the Metis in the 1982 Constitution Act.


The Constitution recognizes and affirms the Aboriginal rights of the Metis — which was the basis for last year’s landmark Powley decision regarding Metis hunting rights.


Daniels was also the former president of the Native Council of Canada and its successor, the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples.


A memorial service for Daniels will be held September 16th at Regina Beach.