Land Claim Settlement In Keeseekoose Band Coffers

Thursday, October 30, 2008 at 12:58



The Keeseekoose First Nation now has access to over $23 million from a settlement with Ottawa.


The federal government recently released Keeseekoose’s share of the $78 million Pelly Hay Lands land claim.


According to Chief Philip Quewezance, $5 million is going to be used for capital development.


Another $1 million is already being used to build a new water treatment plant that will see treated water distributed to all reserve houses.


An additional $15 million is locked away for the next 80 years in a “future development account”.


The only money from that account that the chief and council can withdraw is interest on that sum.


Quewezance notes band members voted to implement a bylaw governing how the money is spent.


He says band officials can be charged if the money is used for other purposes.


The remaining $3.4 million will be distributed amongst the members of Keeseekoose, beginning next Tuesday.


Each adult band member will be receiving $1,700, as will children born before September 30th, 2005.


Payments for children will be kept in a trust account under their name until they turn 18 years of age.


The Cote First Nation received $27.9 million and the Key First Nation got $21.7 million under the same land claim.