Laliberte, McAuley Lose Elections For Mayor

Thursday, October 05, 2006 at 14:44



It looks like former MP Rick Laliberte’s bid to become the mayor of Beauval has ended in failure.


According to unofficial election results released last night, Alex Maurice won the mayor’s seat by defeating Laliberte by a vote count of 292 to 79.


Incumbent mayor Sandy Rediron failed to secure a seat on the village council. The council in Beauval is made up of Louise Laliberte, Deborah Laliberte, Rosaire Alcrow and Fred Roy.


Meanwhile, Cumberland House has a new mayor. Andy McKay defeated incumbent Dale McAuley by a vote count of 308 to 177. McAuley has been mayor for three terms.


The new council there includes deputy mayor Denise McKenzie, and councillors Aileen Thomas, Brian Chaboyer and Gary Carriere.


Other unofficial results have incumbent Georgina Jolibois winning in La Loche. She was facing five challengers.


Elected to village council were Randy Herman, Kevin Janvier, Brenda Janvier, Clifford Laprise, Keith Shewchuk and Holly Toulejour.


In Jans Bay, former councillor Patsy Laliberte has been elected the new mayor. She defeated Steve Bouvier and Simone Maurice yesterday. Laliberte takes over from longtime mayor Ernest Gardiner — who has given up politics.


The new council in Jans Bay consists of George McCallum, Christopher McCallum, Joseph Bouvier and Joyce Bouvier.


A vote for council was also held in Cole Bay yesterday. The winners were Fernand J. Bouvier, Joseph Couillonneur, Paul Couillonneur and Elfreda Desjarlais. Incumbent mayor Harold Aubichon had earlier been re-elected by acclamation.