Laliberte Invites Challengers for Nomination

Monday, November 24, 2003 at 13:47



Churchill River MP Rick Laliberte welcomes Paul Martin’s decision to allow sitting Liberal MPs to be challenged for the party’s nomination in their ridings.


In the past, Liberal MPs could not be challenged for the nomination in their constituencies, but that will change when Martin becomes prime minister.


Laliberte says he plans to seek re-election in the anticipated federal election next spring, but he also encourages anyone interested in the Liberal nomination for Churchill River to take a run at it.


Laliberte says a nomination process with more than one candidate would be a good way to put the spotlight on northern issues.


Laliberte also points out that several Liberal Party memberships were sold in the North prior to this month’s party convention in Toronto — which means there are already more northern residents than usual that have the right to vote in any nomination process that might occur.


Prior to the last federal election, lawyer Dwayne (Trudeau) Roth announced his intention to seek the Churchill River Liberal nomination, but wasn’t given the opportunity.