Laliberte Defends Travel Spending

Tuesday, December 09, 2003 at 14:46



Rick Laliberte told reporters in Ottawa the same thing he has being saying for weeks — that his high travel spending is a reflection of representing a large riding with poor travel connections.


The Churchill River MP held a news conference today to try to clear the air about the 310-thousand dollars he racked up in travel claims last year — the most of any MP in the country.


The Canadian Alliance had been calling his travel habits into question for weeks, and had been demanding specific details about his spending.


Laliberte told members of the media today that he has done nothing wrong and that all his travel has been above board.


Laliberte said the fuss about his spending is the work of his political opponents.


Laliberte says today’s news conference was not held to appease the Canadian Alliance, but to put a stop to recent unannounced visits by the media to his mother’s home in Beauval.