La Ronge Resident Welcomes Mallard Fire Study

Friday, January 25, 2008 at 13:44



A research team from the University Of Lethbridge has finished up its first trip to La Ronge.


The researchers, who are conducting a case study of the 1999 Mallard wildfire that hit La Ronge, have held two public meetings and have met with town council.


Trudy Connor lives 13 kilometres outside of La Ronge and was evacuated during the Mallard fire.


Connor says this is one survey she has no hesitation to take part in.


She says that a study like this could have helped La Ronge residents be better prepared for the 1999 emergency.


According to Connor, it is refreshing to see a team looking to give back to the community — in contrast to other research teams who she says study the North and then leave.


When the work is done, the team hopes to build a reaction plan for communities based on their findings in La Ronge.