La Ronge RCMP Weighs in on Crystal Meth

Friday, March 19, 2004 at 14:20



If there is a growing crystal meth problem in La Ronge, the local RCMP hasn’t noticed it.


Addictions workers in La Ronge say they have seen a noticeable increase of crystal meth addicts at the local detox centre over the last 6 months.


That’s why they’re holding a public information session about the drug next week.


Constable Jan Riddell says that while the La Ronge RCMP doesn’t doubt that crystal meth has become more accessible in recent months, she says the local Mounties have yet to come across any crimes where it was a factor.


Riddell says it usually takes a while before a drug becomes established in a new community.


For that reason, she agrees this is likely an ideal time to focus on preventative measures.


Crystal meth is a highly addictive and potentially deadly drug that is often associated with violence.