La Ronge Fire Chief Looking For New Recruits

Wednesday, March 15, 2006 at 14:25



One of the busiest fire departments in the province needs help filling a staffing shortage.


La Ronge Fire Chief Ron Pratt says the fire hall needs to fill a number of volunteer firefighter positions at it approaches its usual busy season.


Pratt points out a large percentage of the volunteer firefighters on staff frequently get called out of town for other work-related duties, and that cuts into the number of staff able to respond to a fire call.


Pratt says he is not expecting a very busy spring, but notes a hot, dry summer could put a fair amount of strain on the existing staff.


In 2004, La Ronge was the busiest fire department in the province per capita, based on the number of fire calls received.


Pratt says anyone wanting to become a volunteer firefighter in La Ronge can pick up an application form at the town office or approach him directly.


He says the main condition for becoming part of the team is that all firefighters must live in La Ronge, Air Ronge or on the reserves adjacent to the town or village.