James Smith Denied More Land

Friday, March 23, 2007 at 17:13



The Indian Claims commission has rejected a claim by the James Smith Cree Nation for more reserve land.


The commission has concluded the band has sufficient reserve land on Indian Reserve 100.


The first nation has argued that a shortfall of T.L.E. land existed under the terms of Treaty 6, which provided 128 acres for each band member.


It also said the government’s estimate that only 139 people lived on the reserve in 1884 was wrong.


The commission says the first nation was adequately consulted and that the lands chosen were agreed to by both the crown and the band.


It says Canada owes no further obligation to the James Smith band regarding the quality or location of land selected as IR 100.


Meantime, the Chief of the Chaykastaypasin First Nation says the news won’t affect his own band’s claim to land.


In 2005, the ICC ruled that it and the Peter Chapman band were entitled to land.


Chief Calvin Sanderson says he expects to hear some news regarding their claim in a few months time.


He says he isn’t worried that the ICC’s rejection letter to James Smith signals bad news for his band.


He also doesn’t feel that the government will shy away from giving them land because it’s in the Fort a’la Corne region.


Sanderson says he’s optimistic things will work out.