Hatchet Lake Chief Election Goes To Third Ballot

Friday, June 01, 2007 at 16:05



A band election at the Hatchet Lake First Nation is into its third day.


The vote has come down to the third and final ballot for chief, with two women still in the hunt for the top job — Rosalie Tsannie-Burseth and Mary Denechezhe.


Residents have until 6:00 to cast their vote.


The results will be tabulated this evening.


The two finalists for chief were among five candidates in the race for chief.


The candidates who fell off during the first two ballots were J.D. Tsannie, Joe Tsannie and Jerome Dzeylion.


Incumbent chief Louie Josie chose not to run in this year’s contest after serving a couple of two-year terms in office.