Grass Fire Worries One Arrow Band Members

Thursday, April 23, 2009 at 14:11



Residents of the One Arrow First Nation are keeping a wary eye on the smouldering remains of a grass fire that erupted yesterday.


The location of the fire was situated in the Rural Municipality of Hoodoo, which is about 20 miles due south of Prince Albert.


R.M. official Madsine Madsen says volunteer fire crews were called in to tackle the blaze, which was about 3,000 acres in size.


An official at the One Arrow band office confirms the fire did enter the reserve, but didn’t threaten any buildings or residents.


Jeanette Krayetski of Saskatchewan Environment says air crews were sent out to the blaze after local officials called for help.


Strong winds are being blamed for helping fuel the blaze.


A clerk at the One Arrow band office says the fire was unfortunate, but nowhere near the size or scope of a massive grass fire that took place there nine years ago.