FSIN Official Chides Chiefs Over Foot-Dragging

Friday, June 06, 2008 at 15:05



Frustrations boiled over a bit at yesterday’s session of the FSIN legislative assembly in Saskatoon when the issue of duty to consult came up.


The file is part of Vice-Chief Glen Pratt’s portfolio.


He brought forward a resolution to strike up a task force to study duty to consult in order to come up with new guidelines.


The resolution brought about a lot of discussion, with many chiefs saying it was too soon because they still needed to speak to their membership.


In the end, the resolution was defeated.


Pratt was frustrated by the outcome.


Pratt also told the chiefs that it is difficult to move anywhere on the portfolio when they don’t get quorum for land and resource commission meetings, which he says has happened twice.


He says if duty to consult is that important, people need to show up.


Pratt says he would like direction on the issue, because he is regularly getting calls from communities requesting his help with consultations.