FSIN Chief Candidate Takes Campaign North

Wednesday, July 08, 2009 at 14:35



Delegates at this week’s Woodland Cree gathering in Grandmother’s Bay are hearing from one of the men who will be running for chief of the FSIN this fall.


Incumbent Lawrence Joseph is expected to be challenged by at least three rivals, including former FSIN vice-chief Guy Lonechild — who announced last year that he was taking a run at replacing Joseph at the helm.


Lonechild has no regrets about making his intentions known as early as he did.


He says he wanted to take some time away from the FSIN to “re-focus”.


He also says there has been “internal turmoil” within the FSIN in recent years, and he believes he is the one who can get the executive to work as a team.


Lonechild says taking his campaign to Grandmother’s Bay today was the result of a request from the Woodland Cree chiefs.