Fort McMurray Mayor Visits Buffalo Narrows

Friday, March 09, 2007 at 17:13



The Mayor of Buffalo Narrows say’s he pleased with a recent visit to his community by Fort McMurray Mayor Melissa Blake.


Bobby Woods says approximately 50 people turned out for the public get-together, including Fort McMurray’s Regional Manager Bill Knewal.


Woods says Blake laid out the various challenges and opportunities her community has received due to the recent surge of oil-patch activity.


He adds Buffalo Narrows has already begun work on a strategic plan for itself, because they may have to get ready for new residents once the Garson Lake road opens up.


Woods says Blake offered advice on many subjects related to her community’s quick expansion.


Woods explains she took the diplomatic approach when talking to government about things like infrastructure money and other funding.


Woods adds he knows his community may face more environmental checks and standards than Fort McMurray did when it first expanded, but those guidelines can either be looked at as barriers or opportunities and he intends to focus on the positives.