Fond du Lac Arena Roof Collapses

Monday, March 30, 2009 at 14:51



Fond du Lac Chief Albert Mercredi is working the phones today following the collapse of the roof of the local rink over the weekend.


Mercredi is worried that if the rink collapses further, it could knock out power and smash a water and sewer pumping station just 20 feet away.


Mercredi is asking for help from Indian Affairs, the Prince Albert Grand Council and local mining companies.


He wants experts to assess the building and equipment brought in to demolish it.


The main problem they are facing is that the community is only accessible by air and ice road, and Mercredi doesn’t expect the ice road to last longer than a week.


Mercredi and the RCMP say the weight of snow and ice caused the roof to cave in.


Fortunately there was no one in the rink at the time.