First Nations Dance Costumes Survive House Fire

Thursday, November 20, 2008 at 12:43



An Aboriginal single mom who lost her home to fire in North Battleford last week is grateful for the donations she’s received.


Mavis Nighttraveller and her five daughters lost almost everything in the fire last Tuesday.


Since then, the Battlefords Urban Native Housing Corporation has found a new home for them.


The family moved in on Tuesday.


They have also received lots of donations from the public, including a couch, loveseat, TV and entertainment centre and several beds.


Nighttraveller is also relieved that a suitcase containing her traditional dancing costumes didn’t get burnt.


The former Little Pine First Nation resident says she’s really into her culture, and would have been devastated if they had been lost.


She says she was strongly tempted to run in and get them after she and the girls ran out of the house — but she decided against it.


She went back several days later.


Miraculously, the suitcase was untouched. Nighttraveller says that means a lot to her because she respects Aboriginal traditions.


Nighttraveller took up traditional dancing after she and her husband split up about 18 months ago.