Families Speak At Dagenais Trial

Tuesday, February 24, 2009 at 17:09



The trial of Curtis Dagenais is underway in Saskatoon, and the father of one of the victims says his family wants answers.


Howard Cameron is the father of fallen RCMP officer Cst. Robin Cameron.


He says listening to the evidence will be tough, but he wants more information so he and Cameron’s siblings can fill in the missing pieces of what happened that night.


Cameron says right now he feels nothing towards the man accused of killing his daughter, but hopes that one day he will be able to forgive him.


Dagenais’ sister was on the stand testifying today about what happened in the early evening of the night the officers were shot.


Grace Small testified she was visiting her mother when Dagenais came over in his truck and started yelling at her, tried to slap her, and pushed her.


However, Small did not want to talk to reporters about her testimony or her brother.


Instead, she gave a statement saying the trial was about the families of the officers who were killed and the one officer who was injured that night.


Small says she does not want to take away from the victims’ families and the pain they must be experiencing.