Experimental Fire-Break Tested At PA National Park

Wednesday, July 21, 2004 at 15:00



A new type of fire-break is being tested out at Prince Albert National Park this summer that could have far-reaching implications for northern communities.


The project is aimed at containing wildfires like the ones that ravaged communities in Crutwell and Turtle Lake just a few years ago.


Gene Kimbally is the man spearheading the effort, he says cutting down trees that retain their needles over the winter, like Jackpine, is one of the key strategies behind the initiative.


He says this measure is just as effective as clear-cutting firebreaks around villages because it takes away the fire’s chief source of fuel.


Kimbally notes the new approach will allow birch trees and poplars to remain standing, as they traditionally lose their needles and leaves during the winter, making them less of a risk for crown fires.


Kimbally says two Woodland Cree bands have shown interest in the project and have asked him to come and present more information.