Elderly Painter Holds First Exhibit

Tuesday, May 26, 2009 at 14:09



For the first time in his life, 88-year-old Sweetgrass artist Henry Beaudry is showing his work in a public gallery.


The exhibit is on display at the Chapel Gallery in North Battleford until June 30.


A reception for Beaudry’s exhibition took place this past weekend. About 45 people — including many of Beaudry’s friends and family — dropped by.


The exhibition was spearheaded by Battleford Mayor Chris Odishaw. Over the past decade or so, Odishaw has bought more than 1,200 of Beaudry’s paintings.


Beaudry expressed his thanks to Odishaw for all his help.


Beaudry is a veteran of the Second World War, and became a prisoner of war during that conflict.