Cumberland Liberal Nominee Big on Revenue Sharing

Friday, October 17, 2003 at 14:46



The Liberal candidate for the Cumberland constituency says revenue sharing must become more balanced for the benefit of northern residents.


Allan Adam says the context in which resource dollars are allocated must be examined so that area residents, most of whom are aboriginal, receive the money they deserve.


Adam says these and other issues, such as forestry and the construction of all-weather roads, will be closely monitored by him and his colleagues if he’s elected.


Adam believes the softwood lumber crisis is a major issue in this election campaign, and feels the economic landscape of the North stands to be changed if it continues for much longer. Adam believes value-added processes should be instituted in the riding to deal with the economic impact the dispute with the U.S. is having. Adam says value-added ventures would make more long-term sense instead of just exporting all the lumber out of the area.


Adam’s competition in this election includes the Saskatchewan Party’s Winston McKay and the NDP’s Joan Beatty.