Crown Appeals Okemau Acquittal

Tuesday, December 08, 2009 at 12:25



The Crown is appealing a La Ronge judge’s decision to acquit a Southend man of a weapons charge.


Nearly three weeks ago, Judge Felicia Daunt ruled that Chris Okemau was not committing a offence when he stepped off his property carrying a baseball bat, after his wife was threatened and assaulted by four men.


In her ruling, Daunt said that 48 seconds after Okemau left his yard, he was shot twice in the chest by RCMP constable Jasmyn Sawatzky, who believed the other men’s lives were in danger.


Judge Daunt said this perception “was shared by no one”, before acquitting Okemau of possessing a weapon for “a purpose dangerous to the public peace.”


The Crown is now appealing that decision in the Prince Albert Court of Queen’s Bench.


An official with the Ministry of Justice declined to comment on the reasons for the appeal.


The court has yet to receive to receive the official notice, so a trial date has not been set.