Cop Apologizes To Residential School Survivors

Friday, February 08, 2008 at 15:20



A moving video was presented at a gathering of residential school survivors in Saskatoon today.


The presentation was made by S. Sgt. Jerry Nelson with the Regina Police Service.


Originally from the George Gordon First Nation, he now works closely with the urban office of the Cowessess First Nation on a provincial impact strategy for survivors.


Nelson asked the crowd of about 100 people to stand while he played a video with pictures of survivors from the Sturgeon Landing Residential School


The crowd watched in silence as photos flashed across the screen of young Aboriginal boys and girls, nuns and priests, and of the school burning down.


Nelson said he was sorry for his parents, who both attended residential schools –- and added he was sorry for all the survivors in the room.


He also apologized on behalf of the police service for its past involvement in the residential schools.