BTC Threatens To Sue Individual Chiefs

Monday, October 01, 2007 at 14:44



An official with the Battlefords Tribal Council says his group is thinking of suing officials with the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations and other First Nations leaders that are deemed responsible for the BTC’s loss of control of Gold Eagle Casino profits.


Wayne Semaganis says the BTC is considering the move in the wake of a judge’s decision to dismiss its lawsuit against the FSIN.


However, Semaganis notes that his organization’s lawsuit against the provincial government is still proceeding, and it may bring back further action against the federation.


Semaganis says FSIN Chief Lawrence Joseph and Vice-Chief Morley Watson have placed other chiefs in the province at risk and potentially exposed them to personal liability by the steps they’ve taken.


Regardless of the outcome of the BTC’s legal challenges, Semaganis insists his group is economically strong enough to survive without the casino profits.


He says most of the money went to local charities.