Bands Launch Suit Against RCMP Over Dams

Wednesday, May 16, 2007 at 15:48



There’s a new twist to a water war in the Qu’Appelle Valley that’s been going on for six years.


Aboriginal bands are taking the Mounties to court, accusing them of failing to charge government officials who trespassed on their land.


The Piapot and Ochapowace First Nations want to be compensated for land that was flooded by dams that control lake levels on Round, Crooked, Echo and Pasqua lakes.


A deal has been reached to control the dam on Crooked Lake, but there’s still no deal for the other three, and that’s caused extremely low water levels for the last six years.


It has left cabin owners high, dry and angry.


The chief of the Ochapowace band says court is the only option to find a solution.


(courtesy CTV Regina)